Make it easy for a buyer to buy. Tips for home sellers.

Hello everyone. Hope you are having a great day.

When we decide to put our homes on the market, we get busy on our prelisting prep work. Some examples are fresh paint (or at least a touch up), lawn work, carpet cleaning, decluttering, etc. This is fantastic and always appreciated by the listing agent who may have suggestions of their own! The goal is to put your home at the front of the line by making it stand out to the buyers.

Today’s tip for sellers is about adding an extra element to your home that will impress potential buyers and make your home stand out. Is it new flooring? No. New thermal windows? Nope. It’s receipts and invoices! It sounds dull, but good record keeping will make your home memorable to the buyers and answer questions they might have immediately. How often does this happen. Buyer has questions about a repair. Buyer’s agent calls listing agent. Listing agent calls seller. By the time the buyer gets their question answered, they have forgotten about the home or have been wowed by another. Sellers, we do not want this to happen. Make it easy for a buyer to buy. The goal is to provide answers to questions as the showing is taking place.

Get in the habit of saving the receipts and invoices for the maintenance and improvements on the home. This signals to your potential buyers that the homeowner was on top of things. They maintained their systems and updated the home. Translated to the buyer….they cared about the property and here is the evidence. So hang on to those furnace/ac maintenance invoices, keep your manuals/warranties on new appliances. If you have your home on regular exterminator/termite programs, save the receipts. The next home on the buyer’s tour might have had the same level of care, but yours will make an impression by having records available during the showing. If your subdivision has a Home Owner’s Association, get a copy of the rules and regulations. A buyer might want to know whether they can build a shed in the backyard and they can clear that hurdle immediately.

In addition, have a record of one year of utility bills available as well. When a potential buyer is asking about average monthly utility bills, they aren’t just being polite. They have INTEREST!

I can tell you that when I tour homes with buyers that have this type of documentation, it makes a big impression on the buyer. We are in an age where we are used to getting our questions answered immediately. Make your showings stand up to that type of expectation.

Obviously good record keeping won’t overcome a buyer not liking the lot size or floorplan, but if there is genuine interest, it might be the catalyst toward getting that offer.

Until next time, I wish you happy house hunting. Don’t hesitate to contact me with your questions.

Take care,

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