It’s raining buckets, but keep that showing appointment!

Who wants to get out and look at homes in the rain?  You do.

In the Kansas City Metro, May is a great time to check out potential homes for so many reasons….

1.  More people are starting to list their homes for the summer sales so the selection/inventory is much better

2. You’ve got more light in the evening after work to schedule showings.

3.  It rains ALOT.  A Kansas City May is the stress test of gutters, downspouts and  waterproofed basements.

Stop by a home the day after one of these monsoons and walk right down into that basement.  See how it held up after the rain.  If you can’t see the moisture/water, do you smell it?  Wet basements have that dank smell so follow your nose.

If you can’t make it over after a big rain, don’t worry.  The seller’s disclosure has very specific questions regarding water so pay attention to that section.

As always, if there is anything I can do to help, feel free to reach out.

Take care,

Terry Jackson

Domicile One Realty  — 913-488-5623 —

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