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Hi everyone.  Hope you had a wonderful 4th of July holiday break!

Today’s blog post is on a topic that many folks are unfamiliar with and one that I’d like to share called Employer Assisted Housing.  EAH addresses the employer including real estate assistance to the employee’s benefit package.  So often, we think of relocation as the sole corporate benefit when it pertains to real estate.  No doubt, this is a traditional and valuable benefit to the employee, but a couple of things stand out when considering ReLocation.

1.  It is not always available to all employee levels.

2.  Not all employees relocate.

So where does this leave the employee that doesn’t relocate, but is part of the tens of thousands of transactions that take place in the KC Metro each year?

Domicile One Realty is Kansas City’s only brokerage specializing in First Time Homebuyers and we are excited to launch a new service benefit for employer consideration– Inlocation™.

We are presenting the KC Metro’s first Employer Assisted Housing Forum in Grandview, MO on July 14th, 2016.  We have invited area employers, non-profits, elected officials, and human resource professionals.  The goal is to initiate a discussion on how a program of this type would benefit both the employee and employer  — recruitment, retention, productivity and community recognition. A local lender will be attending to discuss their role in this initiative as well.

We will be hosting these forums throughout the KC Metro on an ongoing basis.

Domicile One Realty is locally and independently owned and we are excited to be able to approach KC Metro organizations with this service.  With no administrative fee to implement, an organization of any size may participate.  The benefit that each employer creates could be as unique as each organization.  We want to work with you to achieve a program that makes sense for your team.

If you’d like more information, please go to www.DomicileOne-Inlocation.com or call at 913-488-5623.  If you are an employee reading this and are interested, please contact us as well and we’d love to discuss with you as well.

Take care,

Terry Jackson — Broker Owner — Domicile One Realty

913-488-5623  —  www.DomicileOne.com www.DomicileOne-InLocation


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About DomicileOne Realty

Domicile One Realty is Kansas City's only brokerage that specializes in First Time Home buyers.
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