Tips on selecting your Real Estate Buyer’s agent in this Sizzling Hot Market.


Hi everyone!  With the sizzling Kansas City weather lately, I’d say one question to ask your buyer’s agent is….”Can you handle this heat during the showings?”  Just kidding.

Back to the sizzling market though and what you need from a buyer’s agent:

#1 — Preparation.

Your buyer’s agent is going to need to walk you through the process of home buying, approximately how much you will be spending and what part of the timeline you will be spending it at.   It is worth it to spend 30-40 minutes discussing process prior to when you start to house hunt.  Why? Things move quickly once you start your showings and you want concepts to be familiar.  Another Why?  You might be eligible for down payment assistance in Missouri or Kansas and we can make you aware of area lenders that participate. Click to go to Missouri Housing Commission Programs.

#2 — Experience in both transactions and the area market.

This is a must.  Your agent needs to be familiar with many types of transactions (private, probate/trust, HUD, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac or local bank owned) and the ends and outs of each.   Our buyer clients are committing their time and their money and need someone that can get them to the finish line without squandering either.

The area market experience is more than just area sales comparisons.  It’s understanding the pace of the market as well.  Things are moving quickly now and your buyer’s agent will need to be just as quick to get you to showings and get offers together.

#3 — Responsiveness….are you getting your calls and emails returned?

Number #1 complaint against Realtors is this issue.   Simply put, this is a must if you are going to be successful as a buyer in this market.   If you have homes you want to see, your agent will need to jump on those to get showings scheduled.   Once under contract, this agent will be responsible for critical timelines and you don’t want any surprises.

#4 — Do they have a good track record?

Check out their referrals and see what past clients think.  Are they involved in their local associations or city chambers of commerce?

#5  — Interview several agents before you select one.

Look for that experience PLUS communication skills and rapport.    You want to work with someone that is enthusiastic to walk this path with you.

Hope this is helpful to you and please do not hesitate to contact us with anything you need in your home search.  We would be thrilled to be one of the buyer’s agents that you choose to interview with.

Take care,

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