5 Quick Tips for Beginner Homebuyers


Hello everyone.  Our Real Estate Brokerage, Domicile One Realty, was founded to support first time buyers.  We want to make certain our clients receive professional representation that exceeds all others with a strong focus on cost savings.

We don’t expect our clients to know the process A to Z.  That’s our job.  We do, however, want our clients informed of the process and costs so that they don’t have any surprises along the way.

Here are some quick tips for those considering a purchase.

— Find out if you are eligible for down payment assistance programs in your area.

Missouri has  great programs for first time buyers offering lowered interest rates, cash for down payment or participation in Federal Tax Credit on 25% of your annual mortgage interest.   Give us a call to see if you are eligible.

— Get pre approved.

Speak with a few lenders and see which is a good fit for you.  Ask them about their current rates and what their APR is as well.  The APR will give you a good feel as to their charges and fees as compared with other lenders.  Head’s up if you are eligible for Missouri assistance programs.  Not all lenders participate in these programs so make certain you ask them.  You can also give us a ring and we will direct you to the resources to find out.

— Start making a list of things that are important to you in your home.  Examples would be school district, square footage, whether you want a basement, how many bedrooms and baths, garage, etc.  Just keep brainstorming so you will have that ready when you meet with your buyer’s agent.  Have your “Top 5” list ready.

— Interview more than one buyer’s agent.

Talk with a few Realtors about their service offering.  We think of this quite a bit on the listing side of things, but buyers need to find that good fit as well.  This Realtor will be undertaking an important role in your journey.  Ask for resume, references, experience in the industry.  Pay attention to the speed of their call backs and email responses.  In this market, you need answers quickly and you will need a full-time agent that is responsive.

— You don’t have to do this alone.

Even when buyers might be purchasing a home for themselves, always feel free to bring along parents, significant others, friends, etc.  If there is an individual(s) whose opinion you value, by all means, invite them along on the home showings.  I’ve been a full-time agent for almost eight years now and friends and family are always welcome.  This should never be discouraged.

This is a short list of items to consider as you start your homebuyer’s journey.  This time of year, we usually start to see the home sales pick up and we’d love to sit down with you and be one of the agents you interview.    We are the only brokerage in Kansas City that specializes in first time home buyers and we bring a lot of experience and cost savings to the table.

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